Daemon Larp

“Daemon” is a collaborative, vintage style steampunk’ish larp that focuses on the connection between a human and their manifested inner self or soul – the Daemon.

The core vision for this larp is experiencing how it is to play the same character as someone else and be in symbiosis with them. You don’t sign up in pairs to be family, lovers or anything of the sort – but two parts of the same being.

“He is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”

– Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Event overview

Dates and price

Dates: Friday the 24th of January 2025 at 12.00-Sunday the 26th of January 2025 at 12.00

Sign-up: Open from 13th of March-14th of April 2024. 

Price: 250 euro sponsor/190 euro regular/75 euro subsidised. Deposit of 75 euro paid 4th of May 2024 or the full amount by June 2024.

Get in touch

Facebook group: Join the Facebook group here

Contact: daemon@narrators.eu if you have questions

About us: Katrine Wind is the designer of Daemon from the larp design collaboration Narrators Inc. 

This larp is a not-for-profit larp.

Story and setting

The larp is set in a world inspired by the trilogy of novels “His Dark Materials” by Phillip Pullman. The setting for the larp is a free interpretation of what could happen after the author’s trilogy ended and the storylines in the material is not important to this larp, so mostly it is the human-Daemon connection that is the important concept to understand.

“Daemon” is designed to be an experience where you don’t need to remember an abundance of historial or setting material to participate – all relevant information and background can be found on this website – so no need to know  the details of the original novels. The larp itself is all about the emotional connections between humans, their daemons and their peers. You will sign up in pairs where one plays the human and the other their Daemon.

The themes of the larp are free will, desires, existentialism, human connection, the meaning of (what the church described as) “loss of innocence”, disillusionment, morality and the nature of the human soul.

Is this for me?

Make sure that this an event for you. Follow the link for an alignment of expectations and safety.